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The CDC is a Cameroonian State owned corporation and it is managed in a set structure prescribed by the government of Cameroon as shown below.

The administrative affairs of the CDC are managed at its Head Office at Bota, Limbe. The Head Office sets and manages the policies of the corporation and coordinates all activities. The services under the Head Office include:
• The General Manager’s Office
• Human Resources Department
• Finance Department
• Information Systems Department
• Inspection & Control


The General Manager’s Office coordinates the management of the corporation. It is made up of:
• The GM’s Office
• Head Office Management Control
• Plan & Development
• Industrial Safety & Cost Control
• Communications Department
• Logistics Department
• Security Service

The GM’s Office is supported by the main Secretariat and has support staff that assists the General Manager in his duties. These include Attaché N° 1 to GM, Chargés de Mission, Chargés d’Etudes, Executive Officer and the Secretary.

The mission of the Head Office Management Control is to assist Management in the definition and follow up of it’s strategy on a long term basis, assist managers in the preparation of the annual budget and consolidate at Head Office the annual budget for CDC, control the execution of the budget aiming at maximizing production and minimizing cost. collect, analyze and present to management all information required for controlling and improving the performance of CDC, propose new methods to improve work efficiency, simplify operations and modify habits in order to achieve set goals. The Office is headed by the Head Office Management Controller (HOMC) and has support staff at Head Office and one Management Controller in each Crop and Service Group.

The role of the Plan & Development Office is to set and follow up on CDC’s strategic short and long term projects. It also coordinates and supervises all ongoing projects and development activities. The Office is headed by the Director Plan & Development (DPD) and has support staff at Head Office to carry out its functions.

The Operational Research & Industrial Safety Department is charged with studying and improving on field operations, managing the aspects of safety of personnel and equipment involved in every CDC Operation and to coordinate the management of environmental aspects relating to the corporation’s activities. It is headed by the Director Operational Research and Industrial Safety (DORIS)

The mission of the Communications Department is to provide public relations services to the corporation. This involves providing management and other employees with relevant information and also providing useful information about CDC to the outside world. It is also in charge of all CDC publications and publicity aspects. It is headed by the Communications Manager (CM)

The Logistics Department is responsible for managing every aspect of the Vehicle Fleet in the corporation.

The Security Service coordinates security and protection in the corporation. It manages both the in-house and contracted security guards. This service is headed by the Security Officer (S.OFF) and supported by a Chief Security Guard (CSG). There are several Chiefs of Post controlling the different areas of CDC.


The Human Resources Department is placed in a position of Keeper of Procedures and coordinator of all personnel related activities within the Corporation .It sets out the various decision making channels and ensures its realization for the well being of the Corporation. It is headed by the Director Human Resources (DHR) and has other supporting senior Head Office and field staff to carry out its functions. The Directorate is particular responsible for recruitment, policy implementation, staff movements and general coordination of the activities of the department. There is a Human Resources Officer (HRO) in each Crop and Service Group who runs the HRD affairs at Group level. The HRD is also responsible for organizing Sports and Leisure, Recreational Activities, Medal Awards and other official CDC extra curricular activities.


The mission of the Finance Department in CDC is to take care of all financial activities of the corporation. It monitors and prepares short and long term plans on the financial expectations of the corporation. The department manages all the income and expenditure of the corporation. It keeps records of all financial transactions and prepares the accounts of the corporation. It is responsible for the computation and payment of workers wages and salaries. The finance department is headed by the Financial Director (FIN.D) and has other Managers who run the different Offices that make up the department



The Information Systems Department basically coordinates I.T Services in CDC. It is responsible to study and analyze the need for computerization, advise management on these needs and recommend implementation strategies. The service carries out design and development or advises on the acquisition of management applications and communication services, to satisfy requirements of operations, does the installations and support the related hardware and software implementations. It trains and upgrades users in the related operational procedures. The service is headed by the Manager Information Systems (MIS) and supported by an apt technical team at Head Office to coordinate its activities


The Inspection & Control Service is in charge of internal auditing of the corporation. It is responsible for providing guidelines for the proper functioning of all operations by carrying out routine and specific auditing. The service is headed by the Manager Inspection and Control (MJC) and has a team of Auditors at head Office who assist in carrying out its functions.